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The foundation utilizes its resources and network to promote programs for its long-term efforts which include: year-round mentoring, financial literacy education, business education, entrepreneurship, health fitness, sports and recreation, professional development, and mental health. 



Over the last 14 years we have been able to offer programs to over 3,000 youth and teens in the community Centers of Mattapan and Dorchester through BCYF collaborations. We have offered multiple series of small business workshops where students created their own business, learned graphic design, financial literacy along with the business acumen and what it takes to be successful. We were able to measure their success through comprehension testing.

Through a partnership with MassHire in Brockton, we were able to service 13 public high schools in the south shore in 2022. We conducted workshops with each school on branding, marketing, the power of social media and the basics of business and entrepreneurship. This program allowed us to service over 1500 students. 100% of those students received school credits for their participation. Through this partnership, we were able to offer paid internships for students to work with local businesses during the summer months as support. Students were able to see from a management and ownership view what it takes to run a business. Students reported what they learned from each job and identified how it will help them in the future.


Through our partnerships with bank institutions and successful community members we are able to work towards advancing communities by making them more financial literate. We offer workshops on Banking, Debt Management, personal and business credit, budgeting, investing & retirement.



Our partnership with Thumb Print Realty, “List with Vick”, has allowed us to work with individuals that were directly affected by incarceration. If you were affected or a family member/friend by incarceration you automatically qualified to receive a grant towards the down payment of purchasing a home after completing the educational workshop on the process of purchasing a home and the steps necessary to do so. We Have been able to work with 75 individuals that have been directly affected.


Over 25 years our Chills Diamond Ring Annual Basketball Tournament has serviced over 5,000 different families that come from Dorchester, Roxbury, Hyde Park and Mattapan. This free community event unifies all communities offering free food, beverages and community resources in support of this underserved population. One of the greatest testaments to the event is that many of its participants have grown to be community leaders, police officers and correctional officers and professionals in many different industries. The alumni come back to support and encourage future generations to take the path of community advancement.


Our sports program Next Level Factory focuses on health fitness and academic success through basketball. We have had the opportunity to work with over 3000 families over the last 10 years from Boston and its surrounding towns. This program has been able to mentor student athletes on their journey through high school preparing them for college. We have been able to help student athletes continue their education through receiving full scholarships to participate in high school preparatory schools and some of the most prestigious academic universities.

Our participants have received full scholarships from the following collegiate programs: Yale, Harvard, Boston College, George Washington, Florida State, University Central Florida, Nevada University, Bryant University, Syracuse University, Providence College, Holy Cross, Northwestern University, South Carolina University, University of Michigan, Fordham University, University of Richmond, Brown University, Temple University, Villanova, Dayton University, Penn State, NJIT, St. Thomas Aquinas. We have athletes that were able to take it a step further and make it to the NBA, WNBA and European Professional leagues. 


After 10 years of our annual Dorchester vs. Roxbury community weekend, we have been able to service and provide a safe space for over 2,000 community residents. This event brings 2 major communities together in a neutral environment with the efforts to promote togetherness, unity, membership and belonging. These 2 neighborhoods have been directly affected by incarceration and are considered to be a part of the underserved population.  Despite the huge crowds, social media influence There has not been any issues of violence which is been a tremendous blessing!

We host monthly dinners with adults that have not been successful in the normal work environment but have found success in managing their own business. At our dinners we discuss ways to navigate through the journey of entrepreneurship. We exchange resources and offer assistance for those in need building marketing strategies and scaling their business to generate more revenue. We are also able to discuss the failures and determine the best ways to pivot through adversity. We have been able to service 175 entrepreneurs over the last year with support.


Our annual gun violence prevention peace walk, “Handle Gun Violence” first year was kicked off with city of Boston Police Commissioner leading the walk. The annual event has been going on for 7 years and is a continued effort to reduce the amount of gun violence that happens throughout the city of Boston. The walk starts in Dorchester on Blue Hill Avenue, down to Warren Street in Roxbury, ending on Martin Luther King Blvd in Roxbury, which is considered to be the heart of the city that is affected by gang and gun violence. We have been able to gather over 1000 families, community members, Boston Police officers, Correctional officers and State Troopers to participate in our annual event alongside community members bridging the gaps and showing what community policing really is.


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